A Pre-Owned Boat Program to Maximize Your Profitability.

Delivering confidence for you and your customers.

Are you underperforming in pre-owned because:

  • Quality pre-owned boats are hard to find?
  • Properly evaluating used boats can seem impossible?
  • There’s not enough margin to make pre-owned worth it?
  • Customers expect too much from used boats?
  • Unexpected, after-sale service can kill your profitability?
  • You don’t have enough people to do pre-owned right?

The MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program delivers the confidence you need to find, evaluate, market and sell quality pre-owned units and to make your pre-owned business a strong profit center.

Confidence For You and Your Customer

Peace of Mind

Give your customers the peace of mind they’re looking for in their boat-buying and ownership experience to create customers for life.

Priced for Profitability

Our low-cost approach to pre-owned boat analysis gives you room to set your margins and create the profit center you desire.

Third Party Validation

Have confidence knowing that our partners stand behind the history and real-time condition of every MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat.

Certified Pre-Owned Program

  • Covers NMMA Certified boats less than 10 years old
  • Backed by Titan Certified’s industry-leading fluid testing and guarantee
  • Utilizes Boat History Report for peace of mind
  • Endorsed by MRAA, the industry association for boat dealers by boat dealers
  • Maximizes pre-owned profitability
  • Differentiates your pre-owned inventory from your competitors. 

Verified Pre-Owned Program

  • Covers boats MORE than 10 years old
  • Faster process to get similar pre-owned verification
  • Backed by Titan Certified’s industry-leading fluid testing and guarantee
  • Utilizes Boat History Report for peace of mind
  • Endorsed by MRAA
  • Maximizes pre-owned profitability
  • Differentiates your ENTIRE pre-owned inventory from your competitors.

How It Works

1. Enroll in MRAA CPO

Complete the enrollment to receive your start-up kit and all the supplies you need.

2. Apply a boat for CPO status

Complete the boat inspection and submit fluids for testing and analysis.

3. Buy/Sell CPO with Confidence

Strengthen your pre-owned business with a trusted, third-party verification.

Have You Seen These Stats?

Capitalize on the $14.4 Billion pre-owned boat market

  • 80% of first time boat buyers are buying pre-owned boats
  • In 2021, the pre-owned boat market made up for $14.4 billion
  • Marine dealerships account for 45% of that pre-owned market

You need to capitalize on the pre-owned market. Marine Dealers provide a better overall consumer experience before, during and after the sale, resulting in happier boaters and a stronger industry.

Take the pre-owned market back from private sellers and give consumers the experience they deserve.

Streamline Your Pre-Owned Boat Sales.

At the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program, our team and our partners know that you want to deliver the best for your customers. You carry strong product lines and seek to deliver a customer experience that will drive repeat and referral business. In today’s market place, however, that can be exceptionally challenging, when you’re faced with new unit allocations, limited parts supplies, and the worst workforce shortage our industry has ever seen. The circumstances have you feeling busier than ever before and yet your potential remains restricted by forces outside of your control. We believe that you have untapped opportunities to explore in the pre-owned boat market. Yes, we understand the inherent challenges of dealing with and finding profitability with used boats, but we also know that the pre-owned market offers a competitive advantage and a chance to capture customers you’ve never seen before. That’s why we created the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program – to help you gain confidence in the product that you buy and sell and strengthen a much-needed profit center in your business. Becoming an MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Dealer is easy: Enroll today; submit a boat for analysis as soon as you’re ready; and begin buying and selling pre-owned boats with the confidence you’ve always wanted. Enroll in the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program today so you can put an end to your underperformance with used boats and begin capturing your share of this $14.4 billion pre-owned boat market place.