Backed by the best in the industry.

Take the guesswork out of buying and selling pre-owned with MRAA Certified Pre-Owned.  

The MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program is owned and operated by MRAA Dealer Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas. MRAA Dealer Solutions’ partners include: 


Dealer Association

• The MRAA has consulted with marine industry manufacturers, dealers and suppliers across the USA and Canada to create a program that can be implemented by any dealer and used for the majority of boats on the market.

• Buy Pre-owned boats and take trade-ins with the confidence of knowing that they have met the strict MRAA requirements for CPO Status.

• Sell and Broker Pre-owned boats with the confidence that you have done everything possible to provide your customer with a safe reliable boat.

• Have confidence that The MRAA has teamed up with two of the industry’s best in Titan Certified and Boat History Report to provide industry leading engine Fluid Analysis and an accurate boat history.

Titan Certified

Fluid Testing

• Titan Certified is “The DNA Blood Test” for The MRAA CPO Program and your marine 4 stroke Powertrain, including Gasoline, Diesel, Transmission or Outboard.

• Titan Certified analyzes “Wear Metals” to determine the condition all critical engine components. We also analyze the oil additive package to make sure you start out with the oil protection you need for a safe and fun boating summer.

• Masking agents such as seal swelling agents and head gasket sealers are easily identified with the Titan System. Signs of flood and hurricane damage can be identified as well.

• All with Titans exclusive limited guarantee on all internally lubricated parts.

Boat History Report

Watercraft History

• As the most trusted resource for watercraft history information, Boat History Report helps its clients make better decisions and has become an essential step in the pre-owned boat buying process.

• Founded in 2005, Boat History Report has amassed over 120 million unique records and more than 1.4 million significant negative events.

• Boat History Report partners with law enforcement, insurance companies, financial institutions, DMV/DNR, USCG, auctions, marine surveyors and many more.

• Today’s consumer is information driven. Boat shoppers want to be informed and feel confident that they are getting complete, honest information up front about the boat they’re considering. Boat History Report does just that.

• Your best sales start with your best buys – Boat History Report makes that happen by reducing your risk when you are acquiring inventory.