CPO Member Benefits

What is Sea Tow? Sea Tow is Your Road Service at Sea®. Since 1983, Sea Tow has been the authority in on-water assistance nationwide. Members receive priority service and a connection to Coast Guard-licensed captains 24/7/365. Boat towing, fuel deliveries, jump starts, disentanglements, covered ungroundings, navigational assistance; when boaters need help or have questions, Sea Tow responds. More than just peace of mind on the water, Sea Tow members also receive exclusive deals through the Sea Tow Savings Club. Discounts can include fuel savings, deals on marine-related gear and money-off on dockage at participating marinas and retailers. Sea Tow members know, when it comes to needing on-water assistance, it’s not a question of if, but when. And when the unexpected happens, having the most trusted name in the industry matters. 

Why did you want to partner with MRAA CPO? Building a relationship with MRAA and the CPO Program makes sense for all involved. The customer benefits with total Peace of Mind on the Water. The Dealership benefits by knowing their customer is going to receive best-in-class priority on-water support 24/7 and will be taken back to their dealership if service is needed. The MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program delivers the confidence dealerships need to find, evaluate, market, and sell quality pre-owned units and makes the pre-owned business a strong profit center. Partnering with Sea Tow is partnering with the pioneers of the industry, and confidence can extend long after the customer leaves the showroom.

What are you offering MRAA CPO Members? Once a dealership is enrolled in the MRAA CPO program, they use an easy, 4-step process to certify an MRAA CPO boat and determine its eligibility. The dealership will conduct a comprehensive inspection, pull a boat history report, analyze the engine, and drive fluids. Once each of these areas are “certified” and the boat that is less than 10 years and was previously NMMA Certified passes each of the criteria, the Dealer can now include complete Peace of Mind on the Water™ by including a Sea Tow Membership at the time of purchase. MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Participants will receive the benefit of a wholesale rate on Sea Tow membership to be added at the time of certification completion. To learn more and sign up today – contact workwithseatow@seatow.com.

Customers value long-term coverage against costly repairs. Passport and Passport Premier from Brunswick Product Protection offers uniquely comprehensive product protection your customers can count on and your dealership can profit from. Maximize your profits on every boat sale while offering customers up to 8 years total engine and major accessory protection. 

Premium Engine and Accessory Protection You Can Count On

  • Offer up to eight years total engine and accessory protection on new vessels
  • You can earn up to thousands of dollars in extra profit on just one boat sale
  •  Add unique non-defective engine breakdown protection for true peace of mind
  • Sell newly expanded major accessory coverage tailored to leading boat types 
  • Coverage options available for almost any new or pre-owned recreational powerboats
  • Plans managed by Brunswick, the global power boat and engine manufacturer


As an MRAA CPO Member, receive a 5% rebate every quarter on ALL Passport or Passport Premier contracts sold by your dealership. That’s in addition to the profits earned from the initial sale of the contract. The average dealer can anticipate around $400 in additional rebates from this benefit, which covers the investment in Bronze Membership.

Call 800-950-3808 to get started today!

Be sure to identify as an MRAA CPO Member to confirm your additional 5% quarterly rebate.