MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Inspection Forms

Too often, dealership personnel gloss over blemishes and defects in used boats in order to fast-track a trade-in and subsequent new boat sale. And let’s be honest: Knowing what’s going on inside the engine can be anyone’s guess at the time of purchase.

This situation puts great risk on the dealership and can create unforeseen problems and costs for both the dealership’s bottom line and reputation.

Having confidence in the pre-owned boats that you take in on trade or buy outright, begins with an effective evaluation tool. That’s why the team at the MRAA created a full set of pre-owned boat inspection forms for its members to use.

To create the downloadable forms on this page, MRAA collected and analyzed more than 20 real-world inspection forms that dealerships around North America use to evaluate trade-ins and other used boats. The MRAA team then assembled the key criteria to be inspected and grouped them into several categories, before working with a dealer committee to fine-tune the necessary criteria for the boat categories you see below.

The end result: The most comprehensive evaluation form on the market, featuring a minimum 130-point inspection you can use to not only buy the boat right, but also to provide your customers with the confidence they need to purchase pre-owned boats from you.

Download the MRAA Inspection Forms here: