Titan Certified Dealer Agreement

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This agreement is entered into on  by Titan Certified Inc. and located at  

Titan is in the business of testing, distribution, and administration of automotive and marine testing products, programs, and services to the public, automotive dealerships, repair facilities, and commercial accounts in the United States, Canada, and Worldwide. Titan is the administrator and owner of Titan Certified Programs, mailing address: 4340 Pacific Highway Suite # 205, Bellingham, Washington, 98225, Telephone 800-458-0322, 360-334-9350, Fax: 306-322-9353.

Dealer Agrees to: 

Have used vehicles in dealer's retail or wholesale inventory available for Engine & Transmission fluids sampling by Field Tech employed by the dealer at a minimum of once per week or more frequently if needed. Email all completed tested vehicles on online HOT SHEET to Titan on a daily basis.

  1. Acknowledge that if dealer chooses to have employee perform fluid sampling that dealer is responsible for all expenses such as: shipping, tubing, vampire extraction tools, StartUp Kit” and other expenses related to the sampling of vehicle All samples should be shipped via "Over night "FED EX or “UPS” to insure prompt test results. StartUp Kit cost is $215.
  2. Register vehicles that pass Titan Testing, on behalf of the purchasing customer or dealer direct, with a Titan Certified Limited Guarantee Online Registration Provide customers with a copy of the Titan Certified Limited Registration form. Agree that DEMO vehicles will not exceed 500 miles over the original tested mileage.
  3. Mail or FAX ALL COMPLETED TITAN CERTIFIED Limited Guarantee forms to Titan Certified Inc., WEEKLY, either in-house or issued to the above address.
  4. Remit to Titan Certified Inc., payments for completed Titan testing, weekly, based on Dealer's HOT SHEETS.
  5. Inform all customers of Dealers Titan Certified Guarantee terms (3 months / 55 hours), conditions, and guidelines, as stated in the registration
  6. Hold Titan Certified harmless from claims outside the terms and guidelines of the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee as stated in the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee.
  7. Acknowledge that the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee Program is a Limited Guarantee and not a vehicle service contract, and the costs of these limited guarantees may not be passed on to the customer for resale, but a direct limited guarantee for the
  8. Acknowledge that vehicles components that fail Titan Testing, are not eligible for the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee
  9. Follow vehicle eligibility and fluid sampling guidelines, and summary report recommendations & repairs relating to the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee Program.
  10. Dealership Acknowledges that the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee coverage does comply with the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) and covers only
  11. The Engine, Transmission, 4x4 Transfer Case, RV Generator, and Boat Out Drive Internal Components that are tested by Titan Certified Lab All other components not covered by this Limited Guarantee may be subject to implied guarantees that shall be the responsibility of the dealership. Dealer further acknowledges that the limits of liability and term for each component is based on the program selected by the dealership. (Select Only One Program)
  12. Guarantee expires 12 months from report date. Re-testing is required after 6
  13. Dealer agrees statistical data is the property of Titan Certified

Titan Certified Inc. Agrees to:

  1. Receive and process all Titan Certified Limited guarantee registration forms related to the Titan Certified
  2. Provide a Titan Certified Technician training program, Sales Training and complete support to the dealership
  3. Provide dealer with a Titan "Hot Fax Spreadsheet" listing all vehicles that pass, or fail within 24-48 hours depending on shipment method and day of testing, of the field test and following Titan Dealership Guidelines. Titan will provide the dealer test results via online. Individual Titan test results are available on line @ titancertified.com. Each dealer will be issued a confidential account number and their account registered at this web address once an account is established. All dealership testing data is available on line for 5 years from initial testing, and may be forwarded to other departments to use as well.
  4. Pay all valid, authorized claims related to the Titan Certified Limited Guarantee Program as per terms agreed coverage's and
  5. Provide dealer with all Titan Certified Limited Guarantee online registration, online Titan systems, tubing, and testing supplies as

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement: Titan Certified Inc. and Titan Certified Canada (“collectively”, or "we" or "our") are committed to your right to privacy and to keeping your personal information private.

Cancellation: This agreement is cancelable by the dealer in writing with a 30-day written notice. Statistically Titan Certified test results vary to the fraction of a percentage. If a dealer results suddenly vary from the statistical norm, this dealer agreement may be canceled without notice.

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