Verified Pre-Owned

Verified Pre-Owned Boat Program

Sell your pre-owned stock with complete confidence.
Drive more revenue in your pre-owned boat business.

Creating another level of trust with your customers has great value, as do better profit margins. The MRAA Verified program, complete with its third-party analysis, gives your clients peace of mind with their purchase while giving your pre-owned inventory a leg up on the competition.

Gain complete consumer confidence with all your pre-owned inventory. Expanded Certified Pre-Owned Program, MRAA Verified Pre-Owned Program now accepts pre-owned boats that may not qualify for the CPO Program.

What is it?

MRAA Verified expands on the confidence provided by MRAA’s industry-leading Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program (CPO) and will welcome boats that may not meet the requirements to earn the Certified-Pre-Owned designation. The success of the MRAA CPO program generated dealer requests for a similar product to cover additional boats in their inventory that have a production date that exceeds 10 years. 

MRAA Verified Provides:

  • Deeper inspection and analysis
  • Boat History Report® and Titan Certified wear and fluid sample testing
  • Historical record of the vessel
  • Condition of the engine and transmission

Additionally, MRAA Verified, like the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program, features customized website widgets to differentiate your pre-owned inventory from your competitor’s boats that are not backed by the Titan Certified Limited guarantee. After passing the pre-owned certification or verification process, a program-specific logo automatically appears with the boat on your website, where consumers can access detailed reports, detailing the process you took to certify or verify the vessel helping them to make an informed decision.

Questions about MRAA Verified or to get started with MRAA Verified, contact:

Jason Walz

Director of Programs