Webpage Toolkit

Certified Pre-Owned Webpage Toolkit

Show Your Prospects the Reliability of Purchasing Certified Pre-Owned

Below are all the materials needed to portray reliability and trust in CPO inventory on your website.

All images can be downloaded for your website. All text can be copy and pasted directly to your site. Please take the liberty of putting the copy in your voice; use this toolkit as your guide to creating a CPO webpage for your consumers.

Step 1: Introduce MRAA Certified Pre-Owned

Sample Copy:

When it comes to purchasing a boat, everyone wants to get the best possible deal. While pre-owned boats can offer great value, it can be difficult to distinguish a good deal from a questionable one.  Was the boat inspected by a qualified technician?  What is the history of the boat?  Was it in an accident?  What’s going on inside the engine and transmission? 

To minimize the risks associated with buying a pre-owned boat, the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned program offers industry leading inspections, a comprehensive boat history and advanced analysis of the engine and transmission oil to ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality pre-owned boat, which represents a better long-term value.

That’s why, [Insert dealership name] employs the MRAA CPO Program to verify the quality of our pre-owned inventory, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to make an informed boat purchase.

Sample Lead Images:
Download any of the lead website images below.

Example of how this can look:

Step 2: Introduce the CPO Process

Sample lead copy with corresponding image:

Gain peace of mind when you buy your boat through the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program

The Multi-step process used to certify your boat involves eligibility criteria, a comprehensive inspection, a Boat History Report, and a DNA Blood Test.

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Step 3: Explain the CPO Process

Sample copy with corresponding images:

Certified Pre-Owned Eligibility

  1. Less than 10 years old
  2. NMMA Certified (National Marine Manufacturers Association)
    • AMYC Standards
    • Beyond USCG Standards
    • Detailed inspections and verification process

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Comprehensive Inspection

Dealer must complete a comprehensive inspection of each boat it enrolls in the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat Program.

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Boat History Report

  1. Pull boat history reports from:
    • Insurance companies
    • Law enforcement
    • Auctions
    • Financial institutions
    • Registration / titles
    • USCG documentation
  2. Seeking ‘‘No Negative Incidences’’

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Conduct Fluid Analysis

  1. MRAA Partner, Titan Certified conducts lab tests on fluids from engines, transmissions, powerheads and legs, power steering, hydraulic systems coolant and diesel fuels.
  2. In order to be confirmed as an MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat, the engine fluids must earn a “Pass” or “Pass With Fluid Change” designation.
  3. If the engines pass the analysis, the MRAA Certified Pre-Owned Boat designation comes with a 55-hour, Limited Guarantee, up to $1,500 on all internally lubricated parts and head gaskets for each fluid sample.

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Step 4: Direct your prospect to your pre-owned inventory

After you have introduced CPO, insert a button or link that directs the user back to where your pre-owned inventory lives on your website.